Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe

I have never read one of Jenny Colgan’s books and I was on the hunt for something Christmassy! I had actually just purchased Jenny Colgan’s The Bookshop on the Corner and this one was recommended to me!

This book follows our main character Issy, her best friend Helena, the staff at her cupcake shop, and her boyfriend Austin.  I really loved the characters and the cute setting of her cupcake shop, as always there will be no spoilers in this review.  Issy is totally and completely happy with how things are going in her life, there are a few hiccups here and there and nobody is perfect but she’s happy.  She lives with her boyfriend and his younger brother in their family home and gets to do what she loves most for a living.  However, as it nears closer to Christmas everything starts to fall apart with her and Austin, can they save their relationship when faced with the road bumps life throws at them?

I actually hadn’t read the first one (nor did I know there was a first book) and I don’t really think you need to.  For the first half of this book, however, it really got on my nerves the way the author flip flopped between so many different point of views and didn’t warn you beforehand either!  Sometimes i’m okay with this when it’s done well but honestly it was just confusing.  Not to mention sometimes pointless, like focusing on the point of views of random people that weren’t even part of the story. BUT eventually it kind of grew on me and I enjoyed getting the full picture.  It actually kind of reminded me of the narrator from the show Pushing Up Daisies (if you’ve ever seen that, which most people haven’t but I highly recommend it!!).

The plot was adorable, I really enjoyed all of the characters and how well rounded they became over time (read: my reading through the book). Each character struggles with their own issues surrounding the holiday and you’re introduced to new characters towards the middle of the book which is kind of cool. I like how each character played their own role in the main character’s life too.

In terms of holiday-ness I would say A+! It was very very Christmassy, and I LOVED it. Especially Colgan’s descriptions of New York around the holidays, I could just picture it all in my head so clearly.

If you’re looking for a cute, holiday, chick-lit read I would definitely recommend this.

– K