AHH! Haha yes, I finally jumped on the bandwagon for this one.  I got very excited about her new release of Heartless and decided that I wanted to read previous books so I could love her and her style before I even started Heartless.  Has anyone else read Marissa Meyer’s work? There’s just something so strong and magical about it, and then towards the end it all pulls together like one magical work of intelligent art and you’re mind blown and impressed.  Can you tell I loved Cinder?


So basically the story is a unique (and I mean unique) retelling of Cinderella.  I actually saw this book a year or so ago, read the info and went “Cinderella as a CYBORG!? No thank you.” and moved on.  I know, how awful of me.  Truth be told, i’m not much of a sci fi person so this past event, although embarrassing, doesn’t totally shock me. So a few weeks ago I bit my tongue and ignored the cyborg part, and I started it.

So yes, Cinderella as a cyborg. Weird, but awesome. The general plot is the same, Cinderella is mistreated by her adoptive family and she’s forced into work (she’s a mechanic!).  She has two step sisters and one evil step mother, and yes, there’s a prince.  But there’s also a plague and an evil Queen on the moon and an android best friend.  Honestly, I loved this book so much.  There were plot twists that yes, I may have seen coming sometimes, but I thought it was so unique and interesting.

Meyer develops a whole new world and you get to dive right into it.  But don’t worry, she kind of holds your hand through the first part, explaining a lot of the weirdness away.  I really hate when you read high fantasy or sci fi and the author just drops you in this world you know nothing about and nothing is explained and you’re just confused for the first ten chapters.

I highly recommend, it’s exciting and interesting, and there’s romance and intrigue and mystery and royal politics! I’m excited to read the next one although i’m not sure how I feel about it no longer focusing on Cinder (my new fave character at the moment).


4/5 Stars!

Have you guys read Cinder? What did you think?